April 10, 2013 sliabh Game News

We have been looking at changes to our booking system for this year’s game. We have some good news, and some not so good.

First, we have had requests to take group bookings, and so we have been investigating what is needed to to make this work. Unfortunately we cannot come up into a process that is workable, and fair for everyone. As a result we will not be offering a facility for group bookings. Sorry.

However, because people do have issues with PayPal payments, and internet access. We are planning to have tickets sold in a number of Airsoft shops. We will announce where and how this will work soon.

And finally we know a lot of people want to be part of this game, but can’t make the whole weekend. So we will be offering a number of one day, Sunday-only tickets for “Reinforcements”. These will have to be pre-booked and pre-paid, and will allow players to join the units in the major Factions – Republicano, or Domiguan-Patriota alliance. Again further details will be provided in coming weeks.

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