The IVth International Brigade

May 1, 2013 sliabh Game NewsUnit information

There seems to be a little confusion about the IVth International Brigade (IVIB). We will be getting a member of the world’s media to profile the unit later, but I thought we should clarify some things.

The IVth is not a new version of the Penitents we had last year. The Penitents were planned as a unit for newer players, with a structure, support and missions tailored accordingly. The IVIB is intended for experienced MilSim players. The unit will be more demanding than the other Republicano Unit, the 25th Light Infantry. As well as their primary mission objectives supporting the Republicano faction they will have a significant, and committing secondary one.

This secondary mission will need the players to act with plenty of initiative, often independently of the main force. And while it won’t be as covert as the sort of missions planned for the ISOA, they will have to be sneaky bastards. We can’t say too much, but this will give you some idea of what to expect:

Oddball & Co

Oddball & Co

We want the unit’s character to reflect this as well. The IVIB are loyal Republicanos, very capable, effective and dependable. They just are not great at following military rules and regulations. Other than meeting the headgear requirements of the faction (helmets, bandanas, berets) they will be sloppy, independent, and a bit undisciplined. Saluting officers is not something they are good at.

I hope that clears things up.

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