Civilians and LARPers

“Villages of las Cureñas” – 25 LARP places.

The Village of Las Cureñas lies in Rionegro a few kilometres from the Domiguan border. It has been spared the direct impacts of the war, but has become a haven for refugees from across the country. The locals are well aware of what has happened to defenceless civilians elsewhere. To protect their families, homes and property they have armed themselves with whatever guns they could find. It will not provide absolute security, but it’s better than nothing. Stronger allies are needed now that the war has come to their locality.

Their Goals:

The villagers of Las Cureñas mostly want to keep their homes secure. Tensions in the village between locals and outsiders were already high, even before the Domiguan invasion. There will be objectives internal to the village as well as those involving the other factions. A priority will be securing the resources and support to keep themselves safe and healthy.

What to Expect:

You will be based in the village of Las Cureñas. These are primarily LARP roles which may be involved in limited combat. Players will be restricted to gas and spring guns, with a limited stock of pool AEGs.


Villagers wear civilian clothes only, and should try to wear cow boy hats and base ball caps.

Embedded Marshal:

The village mayor will be supported by a civil servant from the regional government.

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