The Domiguan-Patriota Alliance

“Faction Commander”

We are looking for an experienced player to take overall command of the combined Domiguan and Patriota forces of 70-90 players. You would be responsible for providing orders and directions to the two Unit Commanders, and to see that the Faction achieves its overall objectives. Ideally you should have airsoft MilSim and some previous leadership experience. You should be comfortable in a command role which is not usually in the front line. The role will be focused on high level strategy, with some limited LARP activity. The Faction Commander will receive direct Embedded Marshal support, and will be given a free game ticket.

If you wish to apply for the job, send an email to saying you are interested in being the Domiguan and Patrioa Faction Commander. Mention your experience and say why you think you would be good for the role. The overall commander will be selected by the organising team in advance of the game, and should be able to help with the Unit Commander selection.

We are happy for players interested in taking this role to apply today, in advance of registration opening on May 30th.

“Domiguan 2nd Airborne Infantry Battalion” – 35 Places

A former General, and a strong believer in military power, King Fernando has been aggressively growing the budget and potency of the Domiguan military. A key part of this has been developing a highly mobile infantry capability. The Domiguan Airborne Infantry Battalions are light infantry units equipped and trained for air assault operations.

Although it has only been in existence for a few years, the 2nd Airborne sees itself as a crack unit, and is keen to prove itself in battle. The legality of Domiguan aircraft entering the Rionegro no fly zone is not clear, so the 2nd Airborne may yet enter the fight from the air. As foreigners entering a civil war on the side of one of the factions, their reception in Rionegro is uncertain.

Their Goals:

The 2nd Airborne wants to build a reputation as a fast moving, hard hitting force. They have been tasked with punching through the Republicano forces to open a supply line to the Patriotas. They will need to demonstrate mobility, and endurance in the face of occasionally superior numbers.

What to Expect:

This unit will operate on its own as it tries to make contact with the Patriota Heavies. You will have to advance into the field and establish a secure base from which to mount attacks on the Republicano forces. The unit will need a good reconnaissance capability to identify enemy weak points and potential routes through to their allies. You will have to escort supply vehicles into enemy territory. The unit will be heavily combat orientated with some LARPing.


In common with the Patriota Heavies, the 3rd Airborne wear boonies in the field.

Embedded Marshal:

A company level operations officer has been attached to the unit to provide support.

“Los Rochas – The Heavies” – 35 Places

One of the most dependable units in the Veron’s Patriota forces. Originally made up of regulars from Rionegro’s marines, motor rifle and grenadier forces, Los Rochas remain the backbone of Veron’s forces. On the battlefield they have gained a reputation for being dependable, courageous fighters who are excellent in defence, and have served with distinction in many of the key campaigns of the war so far.

Rebuilt after significant losses last year, they are a key part of the defence of the San Esteban pocket. Their role has been that of “Firemen” rushed to counter threats on the perimeter. They now have been assigned the task of linking up with the Domiguans.

Their goals:

Los Rochas are the core of the Patriota forces in the area. As such they are expected to versatile in their ability to handle whatever missions they are set. Their first objective will be to establish a corridor to the Domiguan lines allowing critical supplies be delivered into the pocket.

What to expect:

The Heavies will operate on their own from an established fixed base in the field. You will remain in the game are for the duration, and will have to establish patrols and defences to maintain your position. There will be large scale missions to attempt to link up with the Domiguans. You should expect to fend off attacks from Republicano forces and to counter reconnaissance activities by other units. The unit will be almost heavily combat orientated with little LARPing.


Patriota units wear boonie hats.

Embedded marshal:

A company level Operations Officer has been attached to this unit to provide assistance throughout the campaign.

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