Neighbouring Country of Rionegro

“Intelligence and Special Operations Agency” – ███ Places

Rionegros other neighbours have not been as involved in the civil war as the Kingdom of Domigua. However they can’t afford to ignore the conflict, and they do have their own interests to protect as well. Small numbers of intelligence personnel have been covertly operating in the country for some time. This is one unit which has suddenly found the hot war arriving on top of them.

Their Goals:

This unit will operate on their own, behind enemy lines without a fixed base. They will be expected to interact and liaise with both civilians and military personnel in order to carry out their secret mission objectives. Their home government wishes to maintain plausible deniability as to their presence and actions for now. They must remain undetected by the other factions.

What to Expect:

You will will be required to carry all their your equipment and remain in the game area for the duration of the game, working from a hidden camp you will have to establish yourself. This unit will emphasise stealth, ambush recon and intelligence gathering remotely and in person. You’ll need gear for sleeping and eating outdoors, hidden. There will be a significant amount of LARPing in this unit.


During military operations players will wear tan or green smeaghs.

Embedded Marshal:

A civilian field agent of the Secret Service will be provided.

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