Republicano Forces

“Faction Commander”

We are looking for an experienced player to take overall command of the combined Republicano forces of 70-90 players. You would be responsible for providing orders and directions to the two Unit Commanders, and to see that the Faction achieves its overall objectives. Ideally you should have Airsoft MilSim and some previous leadership experience. You should be comfortable in a command role which is not usually in the front line. The role will be focused on high level strategy, with some limited LARP activity. The Faction Commander will receive direct Embedded Marshal support, and will be given a free game ticket.

If you wish to apply for the job, send an email to saying you are interested in being the Republicano Faction Commander. Mention your experience and say why you think you would be good for the role. The overall commander will be selected by the organising team in advance of the game, and should be able to help with the Unit Commander selection.

“Presidential 25th Light Infantry” – 35 Places

Fiercely loyal to President Munoz, the Presidential 25th Light Infantry were recently moved to the Domiguan border in anticipation of activity there. Many of these were hand-picked by Munoz himself and are fanatical to their cause, going to extreme lengths to get their work done. Casualties are acceptable and they’d gladly die for their cause.

A significant Patriota force is trapped inside the San Esteban pocket, and rather than attempt to attack it directly the Republicanos have been besieging them. Without access to supplies the pocket should collapse, delivering a major victory, without a direct assault. Not for the first time they find themselves opposite their old foes “Los Rochas” and there are scores to settle.

Their goals:

To dominate the battlespace with the ability to get anywhere, any time. Intercept and disrupt any attempts at communication or resupply between the Domiguan and Patriota forces. Strangle the forces in the pocket by preventing critical supplies from getting through. Maintain a visible presence throughout the area and demonstrate to other factions that the Republicanos will be the winning side in this war.

What to expect:

The Presidential Light Infantry will operate from an established base in game, alongside your supporting unit the IVth International Brigade. Together you will need to aggressively patrol to prevent link ups between the opposing units, as well as carrying out defensive missions to counter their probes, and assaults to disrupt enemy activities. The unit will be mostly combat orientated with little LARPing.


Republicano units wear bandanas, berets, or helmets.

Embedded marshal:

President Munoz has granted you one of his trusted political officers to ensure operations are carried out appropriately.

“IVth International Brigade” – 35 Places

Munoz sent out the call for people to come and help the defend Republicano Rionegro. And these people answered – idealists, thrill seekers, dreamers, war junkies, former soldiers, criminals, and people on the run from their past. There are nearly as many reasons for volunteering as there are volunteers.

What they may have lacked in military experience some of the brigades have more than made up for in enthusiasm and results. The IVth IB has built a reputation as a dependable and loyal formation, even if they may not be too observant of all the details of military discipline from time to time. They were deployed as a blocking force between the San Esteban pocket and the Domiguan border. Now it looks like they will be called upon to bear the brunt of an invasion force.

Their Goals

The IVth will work with the 25th Presidential Light Infantry to hold the Domiguan and Patriota forces apart. They must ensure that the Domiguans cannot reinforce or resupply the Patriotas within the San Esteban pocket. And reflecting the independent nature of the unit they will also be on the lookout for chances to make their lives a bit more comfortable.

What to Expect

The IVth IB will be based alongside the 25th Light Infantry. While needing to be good on the defensive, you will also be expected to be able to mount assaults and patrols to keep the enemy off balance. The unit will be combat orientated but with a moderate amount of LARPing.


Republicano units wear bandanas, berets, or helmets.

Embedded Marshal

A Republicano Regular Army military liaison will be embedded with the unit to provide support and attempt to maintain discipline.

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