The Rionegro Escalation Rules v1.0

Bellurgan park site rules apply for the weekend. Additional game rules will be used for the weekend. All players are expected to be familiar with these, and use their common sense in following them. The principle of “how would it work in real life” will be applied in dealing with problems. Ignorance of the rules will not be an excuse for poor behaviour. If you have any questions ask on the forums in advance of the game, or check with Game and Embedded Marshals on the day.


  • Game Marshal – A Bellurgan park marshal who will be wearing a high visibility vest. They are responsible for site safety, the game rules, and handling disputes between players.
  • Embedded Marshal – A marshal attached to a unit who is “in character” for the game. They may wear uniforms or distinctive clothing and will participate in the game. They communicate objectives, can offer information on rules, and occasionally can address game disputes.
  • Faction – One of the major groups in the game – Republicanos, Domiguan-Patriotas, Los Gringos, Intelligence and Special Operations Agency, Civilians.
  • Unit – A sub unit of one of the factions e.g. The Republicanos have two units – Presidential 25th Light Infantry, IVth International Brigade..

Rule Changes from 2012

  • Radio channel allocations have changed.
  • Campsites will be “off game” from 02:00 to 06:00.
  • EMs and LARP players may be present as UN Observers. Rules of Engagement (RoE) have been provided for UN personnel.
  • ATGM rules have been dropped.


  1. Faction and unit uniforms.
  2. Radios.
  3. Ammo limits.
  4. Hits (gunshot, knife, explosion, vehicle, and coup de grace).
  5. Medic rules.
  6. Dying and Respawning.
  7. Prisoners, searching, interrogation, simulated carry, and props.
  8. Heavy Weapons
  9. Vehicles.
  10. Buildings.
  11. Tents and Sleeping.
  12. UN Observers.

A note on Embedded Marshals:

The Embedded Marshal (EM) is responsible for their unit’s background and development. They go into the field with their unit as an intelligence officer or other character role. If needed they also can make marshalling decisions. However where possible they should leave this to the game marshals, to avoid any perception of bias.

In game the Embedded Marshals can be armed, and may defend themselves in a limited manner, but should not take active part in the game. The EM will have a high viz vest on them for when they are “off game” or acting as a Game Marshall. If shot the EM is incapacitated and cannot communicate game objectives while injured. The EM has a 1 hour repsawn time.

1: Faction and Unit Uniforms

As this is a civil war, faction uniforms are mixed. Instead each side is identified by their head wear. Players should keep their team head wear on as much as possible. In some cases a player can remove their headgear provided:

  • They always have your team/faction headgear with you and be able to produce it if asked by a marshal or player.
  • It is strictly forbidden to wear the headgear of another faction in any circumstances.

The headwear designation for each faction and unit is:

  • Domiguans and Patriotas (The Heavies, Domiguan 2nd Airborne Infantry ) – boonies.
  • Republicanos (Presidential 25th Light Infantry, IVth International Brigade) – berets, helmets, or bandanas.
  • Los Gringos – wool watch caps.
  • Intelligence and Special Operations Agency – tan or green smeaghs.
  • Civilians – any non-military headgear, with a preference for white cowboy hats and baseball caps.
  • Players in ghillie suits are not required to wear their faction/unit’s headgear, but they take their chances in doing so.

2. Radios

PMR radio channels 1-7 are “Closed” to specific factions as shown below. The allocations apply to the main channel and all sub channels.

  • Channel 1: Marshals. In the event of an emergency (player injury, non-participants entering the site, etc) players can broadcast a call on channel 1.
  • Channel 2: Domiguans and Patriotas.
  • Channel 3: Domiguans and Patriotas.
  • Channel 4: Republicanos.
  • Channel 5: Republicanos.
  • Channel 6: Los Gringos.
  • Channel 7: Intelligence and Special Operations Agency.
  • Channel 8: “Open” and can be used by any unit. It is the only channel that can be used by villagers.

Players CAN ONLY USE the dedicated channel their faction have been allocated and Channel 8. If you are having problems with reception discuss this with a marshal. Using or monitoring a channel you have not been allocated will be regarded as a serious offence.

Where two units from opposing factions wish to have a radio discussion e.g. Domiguan unit wishes to contact the Gringos, then the Open channels (Ch 8) should be used. These transmissions CAN be monitored by other units.

3. Ammo Limits

For all units the rules are:

  • Hi-Cap manually wound box mags are prohibited – NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • Support gunners must have an actual support gun – M60, M249, RPK, etc. A support gunner can use an electrically wound box mag and can carry up to 1500 BBs on them.
  • All other players can have a total of 600 BBs. This is regardless of gun type – pistol, bolt action, shotgun.
  • All BBs must be carried in magazines. Players cannot have loose BBs regardless of whether you have sufficient magazines for 600BBs. This excludes BBs in grenades, claymores and bb showers.
  • Players can leave ammunition at their unit’s supply tent, and can reload there.
  • Players can reload when they respawn.

4. Hits (gun, knife, explosion, vehicle, coup de grace)


A player is hit if struck directly by a BB on their person or equipment. They immediately shout “Hit” and sit/lie/kneel down. They should note the time when they were hit. Once hit they begin to bleed out. See the medic rules for details.

  • Friendly fire hits DO count.
  • Ricochets DO NOT count.
  • Bang kills can be offered, but do not have to be accepted.

To knife kill:

Knife props are NOT to be used. To carry out a knife kill:

  • Tap the player on a shoulder and say “knife kill”.
  • This is a “silent” hit. The player bleeds out as normal for 5 minutes, but they do not shout “Hit” and cannot call for a medic.
  • The victim MUST remain in position and remain silent until their 5 minute bleed out time is complete.


  • Non-pyro grenades (Thunder-B, Tornado, Zoxna, etc) can be used. There may be marshal operated pyros.
  • A player within 5m of a grenade or pyro detonated in the open is killed outright i.e. no bleed out
  • If the explosion occurs in a room then all players in the room are killed outright.
  • Players killed outright by grenades must remain in place for 5 minutes to allow the enemy to search them if needed.


Players who are passengers in a vehicle that is disabled will be told by the driver marshal if they have been hit. Details are given in the vehicle rules.

Coup de grace:

A wounded player can be “finished off” by knife kill. The shooter must be beside the wounded player, and must explain what they are doing. The newly dead player can leave the field of play but still cannot respawn until 30 minutes after when they were originally shot.

Gun hit rules

When a gun is hit by a BB it is disabled. It cannot be used again until it is returned to your base where it is regarded as repaired.

5. Medic rules

For all units the medic rules are:

  • Any player can have one field dressing/bandage.
  • There is approximately one medic with a bag of bandages/trauma pads for every 10 players in a unit.
  • Only bandages provided by the game may be used for bandaging, and they may not be cut or torn to create two from one.
  • When hit a player shouts “Hit”, they put down their gun and sit, kneel or lie on the ground. They should note the time when they were shot. They can shout “medic” until they are healed or bleed out. They cannot shoot, talk to other players, conceal props, operate equipment like radios, grenades, etc.
  • Once hit the player has a 5 minute bleed out time.

Player’s First Hit

  • A player who has been hit for the first time can be bandaged by any player who isn’t currently bleeding out.
  • The player applies a single field dressing by tying it around an arm or leg on the casualty.
  • The casualty can then return to the game.

Player’s Second Hit

  • When a player has been shot a second time they have a 5 minute bleed out time again, and can only be treated by a medic.
  • The medic ties a trauma pad around the unbandaged arm.
  • The player can then return to the game.


  • If not treated by a medic before the end of the 5 minute bleed out time the player dies. They can then return to their respawn point.
  • If the player is hit a third time they die outright, and must remain where they fell for 5 minutes before returning to their respawn location.

Getting back in the game

  • A player can get their bandages removed by attending a friendly medical clinic or MASH. A 10 minute wait allows all bandages to be removed.
  • When hit, moving to respawn, or otherwise off-game, players should keep a hand up and visible. Wearing a blaze orange ‘death rag’ or hat on the head is advised, and signifies that the player is off-game.

6. Dying and Respawning

When you die

  • Remain calm – Players who are killed outright (grenades, coup de grace, third hit, etc) must bleed out for for 5 minutes. This allows enemy and friendly players to search them if required.
  • Dead men tell no tales – no communication of any sort between the dead and the living.
  • You can’t take it with you – When a player goes to respawn any large game props (ammo boxes, missile launchers) should be left behind in the open or given to a marshal. Smaller items (documents, money etc) can be retained or given to surviving “friendly” players if they search your corpse.


  • A dead player respawns 30 minutes after the time when they were fatally hit.
  • Players respawn at their base command post clinic if i) they have a base, ii) the base medic, clinic is still active, iii) there is no fighting occurring within 50m of the base.
  • Each unit will also have an alternative respawn location at the edge of the playing area. If they cannot respawn at their base they can respawn at this location.

7. Prisoners, Searching, Interrogation, Simulated Carry, and Game Props

Prisoners and Restraining:

A player who has been shot may be given medical assistance by enemy troops and taken prisoner. A player who surrenders may also be taken prisoner and may be restrained.

  • Tie a piece of rope, a cable tie etc into a loop about 15cm in diameter.
  • The captive is given the loop to hold with both hands like a steering wheel, and is regarded as being tied up. They must hold the loop at all times (safety allowing).
  • When tied a captive can only move at walking pace if escorted by a player who puts a hand on their shoulder. Otherwise they must remain where left by their captors.
  • They can be released by another player, or if they can cut the loop themselves e.g. with a sharp rock.
  • A captive player cannot use their guns. If both players agree, guns can be taken by the capturing player, but must be kept where the prisoner can see and retrieve them if they are killed, released, rescued, escape, etc. Otherwise the prisoner may keep their gun but must remove the magazine and clear the chamber of BBs.
  • In the event of escape or rescue, guns become usable after 5 minutes – until that time it’s escape and evade.
  • Prisoners can be released, in which case they go free although are regarded as unarmed until 5 minutes have elapsed.
  • Prisoners can be executed (knife kill), in which case they can respawn after 30 minutes.
  • Players should not be held prisoner for more than 30 minutes, unless approved by an EM.
  • Prisoners can be processed and held as a POW. They must be escorted to their captor’s respawn point at the edge of the game area where they are let go. The captive then respawns as normal following a 30 minute wait from when they are released.
  • Executing prisoners is easier, but there may be in game and story consequences to doing so.

Searching people and bodies:

  • Players aged 18+ may conduct a physical search of other players aged 18 or over. The searcher must obtain consent from the player to be searched before beginning. ‘I am going to search you, okay?’ It is up to the searcher to locate hidden items within reason.
  • If the player to be searched does not consent to a physical search, they must immediately hand over any and all items of interest such as in-game documents, objectives, concealed weapons and so on. Not to do so is considered cheating.
  • A ‘virtual strip search’ may be conducted by remaining in place with the player to be searched for 5 minutes and not engaging in any other activity such as fighting. Leaving the player being searched or engaging in other activity resets the timer. No physical contact takes place but the player being searched must hand over any items of interest as above when the time has elapsed.
  • Players under the age of 18 may not conduct searches, and may not consent to be searched – they must hand over items of interest as above.


Intelligence officers (Embedded Marshals) may oversee interrogations of prisoners:
The prisoner may be asked three questions, which they MUST answer truthfully with full answers. The prisoner can choose to resist and refuse to answer the questions.

  • If they prisoner resists they have to adopt and hold a stress position for 2 minutes. This stress position will be demonstrated by the marshals at the game briefing.
  • If they manage this, they resist interrogation and do not have to answer any questions.

Simulated Carry:

  • Two players place one hand each on a casualty or injured prisoner. All three can then move at walking pace.
  • If needed, and the victim agrees, one or more players can drag a casualty for a short distance or into cover.

Game Props

All significant Rionegro Initiative props will be marked so they can be identified, and distinguished from junk, or items left from other games. Check any suspicious object (heavy weapons, boxes, surveillance devices, etc) for a notice saying:

“This is a Rionegro Escalation prop”

You should let your EM know you have found it and they may be able to provide additional information on it’s background. Many items will be marked with a QR Code which has more information on what they are. QR Codes can be read by any smartphone with the right app.

8. Heavy Weapons


Each faction will have limited access to off site Battalion level mortar support. A number of players will be briefed as “Forward Observers” (FO) and given instruction on how to call in a mortar fire mission.

The main intent of mortar fire is to suppress players in an area for a time, rather than to cause casualties. Players are expected to know these rules and call their own hits. The marshal will supervise to ensure there is no cheating.

In the target area the procedure for handling a mortar strike is:

  • A Mortar Marshal goes to the target area as identified by the FO. They will have a boom-box with a sound recording of mortar explosions.
  • Everything within 40m radius of where the marshal stands is in the target area. If in doubt players should consider themselves as in the target area and take cover. The Mortar Marshal can call hits on players outside the target area at his discretion.
  • The Mortar Marshal will play the mortar sound effects. This starts with the whistle of an incoming round, and players should take cover immediately (while shouting “Incoming”).
  • Casualties happen according to the “Head Up” rule. Players are responsible for calling their own hits depending on their stance when they hear a mortar explosion as follows:
Upright in the open (standing, running, crouching).Killed instantly.Remain in place for 5mins to be searched.
In cover or prone with head up and/or firing gun.Hit and begin to bleed out.To be prone hips should be in contact with the ground.
In cover or prone with head down.No injury.The player should be prone or in 360 degree cover - ditch, foxhole, building. Their head should not be exposed or should be in contact with the ground.

9. Vehicles

Vehicles will exclusively be driven by marshals and players should exercise caution near vehicles at all times. Vehicles can be fired on and disabled as follows:

  • A strike by a grenade launcher shower on the driver side door, or the vehicle bonnet. This should be visible/obvious to the driver.
  • Being in the path of a claymore mine burst.
  • Grenade explosion on the bonnet, roof or back of the vehicle, or inside the vehicle.

The marshal driver decides when the vehicle is hit. For a disabled vehicle:

  • The hazard warning lights are turned on, and distinctive yellow or orange panels will be attached to the sides. The vehicle is off game and when the path is clear will withdraw from the game area without passengers.
  • If grenade/strike occurs to front of vehicle, players at the front take a hit, and players in back (depends on how big vehicle is) can bail out and fight to secure area. Conversely, same for strikes to rear of vehicle. A grenade explosion in a vehicle kills all passengers.
  • If the driver is hit, all players, including the front passenger can bail out.
  • Injured players on board a vehicle remain in place until they are dragged/carried out. Injured passengers not not removed from the vehicle within 5 minutes burn to death.

10. Buildings

Each faction’s base should have three key facilities. These can be tents or temporary shelters, and all three facilities may be in the one building. Each facility must be marked by coloured flags on separate poles. If the flag is flying the building is operational. While a building is operational it gives certain capabilities to a faction and the faction’s units.

Building Types:

  • Command and communications post: Black Flag. In game this provides the faction with radio communications. If it is disabled then the faction and unit commander cannot use their radios. Unit players can continue to do so. The faction also cannot get any intelligence or objective updates from their embedded marshal. This represents their loss of central radio comms, and links to the outside world.
  • Quarter Master’s Stores: Red Flag. Players can store their ammunition here. When in the base they can reload (to the game ammo limits) in this store. When disabled the players can only reload by respawning.
  • Medical clinic: White Flag. Dead players respawn from this location while it is operational and there is no fighting occurring within 100m. Players can get hit bandages removed by visiting this facility. All bandages are removed after a 10 minute wait. When the building is disabled players no longer have this option.

Disabling Buildings

A building is disabled by:

  • Detonating a grenade inside it.
  • Firing a grenade launcher shower into it (most of the BBs should go inside).
  • Having 3 attacking players enter the facility at the same time, when there are no surviving defenders.
  • When a building is disabled the building flag is lowered, and that faction loses that building’s benefit until it is repaired.

Building Repairs

A building is restored in 2 phases:

  • Securing the building – two friendly players enter the building and hold it without enemy interference.
  • Repairing the building – one friendly player stays at the building for 30 minutes. If they are not hit, or forced to leave the building then it is “restored” and the building flag can be raised again. If the friendly player is driven off then the 30 minute wait has to begin again from the start.


Each faction will be provided with a MASH tarpaulin. This can be deployed in the field away from their base. While it is upright, and in friendly hands it acts like a medical clinic. A player can get any of their bandages removed by spending 10 minutes under the MASH tarp. If the MASH tarp is knocked by the enemy they it has to be returned to the faction base for an hour before it can be used again.

11. Tents and Sleeping

The rules for tents are:

  • Don’t interfere with someone’s tent – no pulling pegs/cutting guys etc.
  • Tents are in game areas – you should keep your eye protection on even when sleeping.
  • Tents may not be searched for any reason and players can only store personal items in tents. Game materials (maps, intel, money etc) must be left outside. Hiding game items in or under tents is cheating. Game items may be left between the tent’s outer and inner walls provided they are accessible from outside.
  • An attacking player can carry out a “Tent Kill” on players sheltering in a tent. They place a hand on a tent pole and gently shake it while saying “Tent Kill”. All players in the tent then are hit and bleed out as normal.
  • A player can choose to remain dead in their tent in order to sleep. If all the players in a tent are “dead”, they can put their death rag over the door and can respawn later.
  • Players respawning from tents have to do so at their unit’s alternative respawn point on the edge of the game area and not the medic clinic.
  • The campsites within bases are Off-Game from 02:00 to 06:00. Tent kills can be ignored, and players may not fight betwen tents during this time.

12. UN Observers

EMs and/or LARP characters may be present as UN Observers. The rules for UN forces are:

  • UN sanctioned forces must wear pale blue head gear.
  • They may only act in self defence and can only fire if fired on first.
  • They operate exclusively on roads or paths, in built up areas, or within 10m of roads and buildings.
  • UN players MUST be given freedom of movement on roads and built up areas by all factions.
  • Any players questioned by UN personnel MUST provide their real name, date of birth and unit if asked.
  • It is a significant war crime to fire on UN personnel wearing blue head gear. There may be very serious game consequences for any unit or faction that is caught doing so.
  • A UN player who removes their blue hat in the field loses all restrictions and protections of the UN role. They may be fired on without consequence, however they now can travel where they wish on the site. UN players cannot put their blue hat back on until they return to their base.

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