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We are trying to log all the questions we receive with the answers we give, here. If you have a question then pop it into the comments box below. We have left the alias of the person who originally asked the question in the text. Let us know if you are shy though and we can remove it.

CpRc: Is there any way to play with patriotas without wearing a boonie?

  • No. We are strict on the head gear requirements as it is our way of distinguishing units that won’t require people to buy all new camo, or wear a rainbow of different arm band colours. We are sticking with the headgear rule as it is well understood, it is low impact (worst case you have to buy a new hat for €10-15, rather than a whole set of camo for €60+), and it generally seems to work. As well, with 4 factions this year (excluding the civvies) it would be a nightmare trying to manage different uniforms across them all.

422nd: Are their less individual roles this year, compared to last years reporter and minister for finance etc.? Is it just the civilians for larp this time around?

  • We can have individual roles again this year. Most will be villagers, and we wanted to give all the LARP players a home with a dedicated EM. As with last year, if you have a character idea, or would like suggestions get in contact with us and we can work something out. I would like to see “field” LARP roles again like the journalists.

CpcRc: Can we prebook now? Or do we have to wait?

  • Prebooking will be from Thursday the 30th of May. In part as we want as many people as possible to hear the details of the event before we start taking bookings. That is when you can pay the €30 up front as a deposit.

Konfusion: Which unit will have the best balance of combat/LARPing would you say?

  • That depends on what sort of balance you are looking for. We will probably also give a lot of players additional LARP backgrounds that may or may not come into play during the game. This could be a simple as having a photograph on you that someone might come looking for for some day, or as involved a being an assassin turncoat within your own unit hoping to target and kill a specified person before escaping to a rival faction. Depending on how it works out 10-15% of all players may pick up such roles. Some will be secret. Some you can tell people about.

Konfusion: Are there any embedded LARP roles available?

  • Yes. What do you have in mind here? We are open to suggestions. And we will work with people to integrate their ideas. I worked through one idea with a person yesterday already.

Konfusion: How does one get into the Intelligence and Special Operations Agency? Er, assuming that it actually exists. Which we all know it doesn’t…Maybe. Is there any special criterion to join?

  • There are no special criteria. Other than being a citizen in good standing (or maybe not) of the country in question. Have skills that they want. Be willing to head into a foreign land living rough with the knowledge that capture means probable torture, death and a unmarked grave. The health and pension benefits are excellent for staff that survive however.

r0n0c: On the 30th, can one person block book tickets for a group?

  • We are looking at a process for handling block bookings as well as possibly buying or paying for tickets in selected Airsoft shops rather than via PayPal. We will update before the 30th of May with more information on this.

Evade: Can surviving team mates take ammo from a team-mate (with his permission) who is about to go back to the respawn? If the answer is yes, does the 600 round per man limit still apply?

  • Because of the difficulty of managing and enforcing this, I am inclined to say that while you can take ammo from a team mate, you are still constrained by the 600 round limit.

CpcRc: Should we base the amount of ammo in a mag off of the advertised capacity or closer to the realistic capacity? Like 120 rnd midcaps hold more like 90-100 BBs realistically.

  •  Go off the actual ammo.

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